It was love at first sight between me and the harp…and after some wandering and adventures I have found my own way.

“It is wonderful to lose yourself in the music and be able to bring others with you! Sometimes you can say so much more without using words…”

At the moment I play with my band Kelten zonder Grenzen and sometimes I play solo, kasteel Loevestein is one of my favorite locations!

Please contact me for more information about concert possibilities.

And when i’m not playing the harp?

I am a fulltime mom of three kids. Like all parents of young children our house is a place filled with happy chaos, laughter and lego. 

Of course I spent a lot of time working on new plans for the Kelten zonder Grenzen. Playing music is just a small part of being in a band.

I also work for het Spellenspektakel, a board game convention. In the months leading up to November it is a lot of hours behind the computer, but it is all worth it when we see the Jaarbeurs being filled with the most amazing board games you can think of!

Never a dull moment!

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