Live tunes with Coca 11

The Calling in Spring edition

Thank you all for watching!!!
Want to have a closer look/listen to some of the things I talked about?
These are the tunes I played, read more about the GIVEAWAY below!!!

These were tunes from the Calling in Spring, a festival we organised to celebrate spring and get into the mood for a season playing outside again!

Meidi makes Music: Waltz for the Little Mermaid (and for the very attentive listeners: my solo from ‘My love went to Dublin’ by Meidi, inspired by June Tabor)

Kelten zonder Grenzen: The day after the night before
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Gwendolyn Snowdon Blanche Biche (but to go easy on myself I played my own version, from our folkforviolet days…)

Don’t forget to check out Imbue!!! No tune here, but they are really awesome!

Now for the GIVEAWAY…please tell facebook you will attenf live tunes 12 (april 2nd) and comment *in the event* that you would like to win a private concert. You can win your very own live tunes! We will set a date and a time: do you want me to be your wake up music? Or rather have me playing a few bedtime tunes? Or do you have a party? A nice garden? Extremely decadent bath time? Let me know! Do you know someone who should win? Tag away…Please like my artist page Coca Roman Music.
I will pick a winner next live tunes!!! 

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